Summary Points Noise Problem

Flight Track Data Analysis – Don Gardner

City Council Candidates’ Statements

A History of NextGen and OPD. Why it will not work at SFO

FAA Analysis Shows that DAVYJ will INCREASE noise in Palo Alto and Los Altos compared with 2014

DAVYJ Will Annoy Significantly More People

FAA proposes a new procedure that may make things worse over the Mid Peninsula

Rachel Kellerman, A Groundling’s Lament and a Call to Action, Palo Alto Weekly August 21, 2015

Palo Alto Weekly Editorial Unfriendly Skies  July 31, 2015, Flawed new FAA NextGen air-traffic routing system needs reset

Quantitative Analysis of Aircraft Noise over Palo Alto. Tom Rindfleisch, August 2015

San Jose Mercury Article Sky Posse/FAA meeting

East Bay Express, Aviation noise pollution in Northern California (parks). Sam Levin.

Brits convince their aviation agency to widen approach swath into Gatwick (GatwickObviouslyNot “Full dispersal,  Maximum altitude, Continuous Descent”)

Williams Aviation Consultants, engaged by the towns of Portola Valley, Woodside and Los Altos Hills, examined the FAA initiatives and find fundamental flaws. full report here. 

FAA offer no relief (18 May 2016 Sky Posse Letter)

Sky Posse Sends Letter to Glen Martin, Regional Administrator for FAA Western Pacific Region

June 4, 2016 Quiet Skies Mid-Peninsula presentation in Los Altos Hills.

Congressional Representatives Eshoo, Far, and Speier issued a letter on April 18 describing next steps for the Select Committee.

The History (misdevelopment) of the NextGen program in Northern California Mark Shull. long form here.

Senators Feinstein and Boxer send letter to FAA Administrator Michael Huerta on April 12 asking him “to take all practicable steps to address the noise impacts of the NextGen initiative on California communities”

City of Palo Alto’s Policy and Services Committee Staff Report about Air Traffic Over Palo Alto Skies February 2015, here

Congresspeople assist groundlings in their districts to mitigate noise, here.

Palo Alto residents successfully sue to get relief from aircraft noise (of course that was in 1934).

Sky Posse letter to the Palo Alto City Council introducing the issue. 10 December 2014.

Palo Alto City Council Approves Actions to Reduce Aircraft Noise, August 2015,  here. 

Palo Alto City web site related to aircraft noise, here.

Quiet Skies Mid-Peninsula presentation, June 4, 2016 in Los Altos Hills. Outdated, Inadequate Metrics Used by FAA in Measuring Noise

Minneapolis produced video shows that if FAA used the WHO-recommended threshold of 55 dB DNL to determine who is adversely affected by aircraft noise (health, learning, quality of life, property values), approximately 20x more people would be included than currently.

FAA initiative to address noise concerns November 2915

Airbus 320 Whine/Howl/Keening Petition

City of Palo Alto 10-10-16 Letter to Select Committee

Airbus 320 Whine/Howl/Keening petition

Traffic growth near Menlo WayPoint

SPAA offers 13 Specific Recommendations for FAA Consideration

Palo Alto Plan reduces total noise for people on the ground

San Francisco Bay Area –  Major Jet Arrival & Departure Routes


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