Airbus 320 Whine/Howl/Keening

You are probably aware that certain jets flying over us emit a high-pitched whining noise that is particularly offensive to the human ear. These are the older (pre-2014) Airbus 319 and A320 jets, flown by many airlines into SFO. (They account for 17%-20% of the noisiest SF Peninsula over flights). United, Virgin America, American, Jet Blue, and Air Canada Rouge, and fly the majority of these planes. Luckily, there is an inexpensive solution to this huge noise issue–but the airlines need to be motivated to invest in noise abatement.

We have a petition to airlines asking them to spend less than $5000 per jet to retrofit their fleets of the Airbus A320 series with simple air flow deflectors that STOP the horrible loud “whistling” sound affecting millions on the peninsula. The petition explains the problem and solution in detail. Thanks for passing this link along to your neighbors! This is an issue nationwide, as residential communities up to 30 miles from airports where the A320 series jets land are affected–with every A320 series arrival–many times, every day. (The A320 series includes A318-A321 jets.) So, share with friends and relatives who live under arrival paths.Airbus+RetrofitImage

Click here to be flown to the petition!