San Francisco Bay Area – Major Jet Arrival & Departure Routes


San Francisco Bay Area Major Jet Arrival and Departure Routes courtesy of SFO Noise Abatement Office; see Maps and Charts for more

Palo Alto is at the intersection of three major routes into SFO carrying domestic and international traffic. The San Francisco Metroplex is the 7th largest airport metroplex in the nation. SFO, Oakland, and San Jose all share this same airspace, as do local airports.

Changes in FAA flight procedures have already led to increases in air traffic over Palo Alto neighborhoods. Air traffic over Palo Alto will continue to increase, if paths remain the same, as the FAA institutes a new system of landing patterns called NextGen which will concentrate flight paths into narrow corridors. The FAA carefully crafted the definitions of flight procedures to sound like they have not changed, but there have been significant changes to the flight patterns, not in our favor.

Please join us to share information, work with our representatives, and coordinate with our neighbors to act on this issue! Air traffic noise is only going to increase; please act now.

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