DAVYJ increases noise compared with 2014

FAA Analysis Shows that DAVYJ will INCREASE noise in Palo Alto and Los Altos compared with 2014


We have heard the claim that DAVYJ will result in quieter conditions in Los Altos and Palo Alto compared with the ‘idyllic’ time before SERFR. This might be true if the FAA could sequence planes in a crowded airspace. Unfortunately, time based metering is years away. DAVYJ would be just as loud as SERFR except it would be over someone else’s house. As it stands, this claim is a lie.

The FAA has published a graph showing projected noise doses for DAVYJ compared with pre-SERFR conditions. The dark blue indicates an increase of 2-4 dB. If you look closely just to the left of the SWELS waypoint (El Monte and University in Los Altos), you will see a purple area that indicates a 5-7 dB increase. Until FAA can get time based metering working (think 5+ years), this will continue to be the situation.

These are not Sky Posse illustrations; they come from the FAA.


Noise DAVYJ vs 2014